Papayas are very unusual in that they possess three different sex types.

Males (M) produce no fruit, Females (F) produce round fruit, and

Hermaphrodites (H) produce longer shaped fruit.


The sex of these papaya seedlings is determined by the sex of the two parents:

F + M= 50% F & 50% M; F + H = 50% F and 50% H; H + M = 33% each of F, M, and H; H + F = Mostly H with some F.

Each variety we sell has an estimated probability of the sex type in each product description.

We suggest that you purchase 2 or more plants to get a better chance of cross pollination.


One interesting papaya fact: if your papaya tree is a male or a hermaphrodite, you can sometimes change the sex of the tree to female by removing the top!